Pallet Manufacturing

We make pallets the way you need them.

Magnum Packaging Industries is Northwestern Ontario’s premiere pallet manufacturer, offering ISPM-15 certified standard and custom pallet solutions. Using regionally sourced wood, our facility produces consistently high-quality pallets to your specifications, on time, and at a competitive price.

Combined with a larger family of logistics services through Freight Managers Inc., Magnum is your single source for large and small scale pallet solutions.

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Standard + Custom Solutions.

Magnum builds one-time and multiple-use pallets to the industry standard of 48″ × 40″ to any quantity you require. We also can build pallets to solve any of your unique storage, logistics, or product protection problems, in sizes from as small as 24″ × 24″ to as large as 60″ × 60″.

ISPM-15 Certified.

Our pallets are ISPM-15 Certified, ensuring the highest quality build standard and allowing you to ship your goods anywhere in the world. Learn more about ISPM-15 Certification here.

Regionally Sourced Wood.

All of our wood is sourced from local mills, supporting local wood producers and achieving shorter procurement distances, resulting in increased quality control and lower costs for you.

Backed by logistics.

Magnum Packaging Industries is partnered with Freight Managers Inc. to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your company, while allowing us to provide you with ‘point-to-point’ all-in pricing.