About MPI

We don’t just build pallets and crates.
We invent solutions and solve problems.

mpi-aboutFounders Wayne VanderWees and Patrick Fenlon have made a living of starting logistics companies that follow the motto: “Let’s forget the way it has always been done; let’s do it the way it helps our customers the most!”

Starting in 1992 with Freight Managers Inc. in the basement of Patrick’s house, they have started five companies in logistics doing it not their own way, but their clients way.

Wayne is the driving force behind their latest venture, Magnum Packaging Industries or Magnum PI for short.  As a Certified Public Accountant, he brings the expertise of costing which is one of the main pillars in this industry.  That combined with his logistics background at Freight Managers Inc,  means that Magnum PI can and will provide economical solutions right to your door.

A big believer in R&D, the company already has two prototypes in the testing phase; come back often to see what amazing ideas this little company with the big heart has invented.

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